*I have joined a monthly blog circle with some lovely ladies I met through Clickin Moms photography forum and we will be writing monthly letters to our sons.*

Dear Little Man,

I am a little sad to say that this month has been a bit boring – we’ve had a lot of bad weather here in North Carolina, and the snow, cold, and ice have kept us hunkered down inside the house.  The most excitement happened when our electricity went out after an ice storm for about eighteen hours, and we packed you up and escaped to our friends’ house to keep you warm.  You had a lot of fun playing with your twin girlfriends while we were there!


We did manage to make St. Patrick’s Day fun, though.  Like with most things, I really talked it up to prepare you and you were SO excited to wear your green shirt that day.  The shamrock glasses were a surprise for you that morning and I didn’t think you would take them off all day.  Unfortunately, they were broken by that evening, but I guess that’s the way it goes when you purchase things for a two year old boy from the Target Dollar Spot.  Oh well.  You don’t know it yet, but you have more coming at Easter.

I chose this particular picture from that day because I think it perfectly sums you up:  hair a little disheveled, almost always wearing a pair of novelty glasses, and mouth open mid-sentence because you love to talk and ask questions.  I don’t remember exactly what you were saying at that moment, but you were probably asking if you could go to school.  (Please feel that way in three more years!)

Hopefully we’ll have some nice weather and new adventures coming up soon!

I love you,


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