*I have joined a monthly blog circle with some lovely ladies I met through Clickin Moms photography forum and we will be writing monthly letters to our sons.*

Dear Little Man,

I wish I had decided to write you monthly letters before now, when you are 2 1/3 years old, but thankfully I have plenty of pictures to document your life before this project.  I think I could write a novel about you at this point, about how you are tall and handsome, funny, how much you love our dog, and how your facial expressions look just like your daddy’s.  You are full of life and fun and inquiry and, of course, two year old tantrums.

You are at a point where you are constantly learning and trying new things, and it is happening at a rapid pace. This month, my favorite thing you did is lining up your toys, specifically your cars and trucks.  You love to place them bumper to bumper and then go down the line describing each one and yelling out the color.  You also sometimes place them as if they are in the starting line of a race, and you say, “Set! GO!” and push them forward in order.


Your vocabulary also grows each day, and some of the words you say surprise me.  Just a few days ago, you started saying “tattoo,” so of course you have one on your hand almost all the time now.


Earlier this month we went outside to play on your backyard slide, and you were delighted to see a puddle in our yard.  You cautiously stepped around it in a circle, looking over your shoulder at me as if to ask, “is it okay?” and when I said “go ahead!” you jumped right in.


I can’t wait to see what you accomplish as I write you letters over the next year (and maybe longer).  But most importantly, never stop being YOU.




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