Hi everyone, and Happy 2016!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far.  I was reflecting on 2015 and decided to pull fifteen of my favorite images from the year and share them in one post!  (Yes, I cheated a little and threw in two collages, but we’ll just keep that between us.)

Please enjoy!  This collection includes both client and personal pictures, from high school seniors to my little boy to my very first wedding!

high school senior girl downtown Greensboro high school senior girl with fall leaves high school senior athletes sitting on bleachers

young couple in new home mother kissing baby daughter toddler girl holding hands with parents family tickle fight

bride at sunset under tree gorgeous bride getting hair done wedding after father daughter dance

cousins with silly faces little boys throwing leaves

three year old boy in blue hat silly boy on pathway many expressions of a 3 year old


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